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Feb 3-4 Course #1 (2 days) – Principles of Saddle Fit Fort Myers Beach, FL
Feb 5-9 Course #2+#3 (5 days) – Equine Ergonomist Course
(Prerequisite – Course #1)
Fort Myers Beach, FL
Mar 25-29 International 5-Days – Intensive Equine Ergonomist Course (English)
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Lower Saxony
Sep 12-13
Sep 14-18
Sept 19 optional
Courses #1,2 and #3 – Equine Ergonomist Course (7 days)
Note:  Course #1 may be taken on its own on Sep. 12-13
Courses #2 and #3 must be taken together.
You may combine all three courses with an opportunity to stay an additional day on the 19th to complete the additional Schleese Western Saddle training at no charge.
Stouffville, ON Canada


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Equine Professional

DSC_0050 Having spent years doing exercises to supposedly loosen my hips in an attempt to sit deeper in the saddle and prevent my toes from turning out while riding, I discovered when I ride in a ‘female’ saddle, I am immediately sitting deep in the saddle with my toes pointing forward – without even warming up. I wonder what unnecessary damage I’ve done to myself from years of putting torque on my joints from these exercises from a classical riding book. I wonder how many other women have unnecessarily hurt their body believing they struggle with ‘tight hips’.

— Laura Whitteron, Saddle Ergonomist, England

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