Barbara Schulte is the founder of the Pro Equo movement focused on sustainable breeding practices of performance horses worldwide, having spent many years studying the alterations that have been made to the equine athlete in the quest for spectacular movement without consideration for the horses’ well-being and longevity. She has coined the term Designer Horse and actively engages breeding associations to alter their standards to create a healthier athlete.

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Jochen has supported the positive continuing development of my horses. His saddle fit evaluations are a lesson in anatomy – about the functionality and cooperation of the bones and muscles of horse and rider. My horses now have more freedom in all the gaits. Saddlefit 4 Life® improves comminucation between horse and rider. My aids to the horse translate much faster so we can go forward with a really good ride. My horse Bonaparte did a super job over the three tests (at the Beijing Olympics). He was very fluent, I had good connection to his mouth, and we were working together. I was very pleased! Heike’s Video Testimony HK testimonial

— Heike Kemmer, 2008 Olympic Team Gold and Individual Bronze Dressage Medalist

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