Barbara Schulte is the founder of the Pro Equo movement focused on sustainable breeding practices of performance horses worldwide, having spent many years studying the alterations that have been made to the equine athlete in the quest for spectacular movement without consideration for the horses’ well-being and longevity. She has coined the term Designer Horse and actively engages breeding associations to alter their standards to create a healthier athlete.

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Equine Professional

Hello Connie! I thoroughly enjoyed the Saddlefit4Life® saddle fitting course! It was an outstanding learning experience that provided invaluable information which went far beyond saddle fitting.    I loved the methods that were used to teach, balancing a mixture of lecture and hands-on sessions. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is involved in ANY part of the equine industry. Knowledge gives us more tools to become better advocates for horse and rider comfort. Deb Zarish, D.V.M. Michigan

— Deb Zarish, D.V.M. Michigan

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