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I would wish for every horse and rider to be comfortable while doing our sport. The feeling after the saddle fittings, of the horse being able to move freely underneath you is truly a reminder that the saddle fittings are as important as buying the saddle and that horses do “suffer in silence”. If we are going to ask them to perform, it is our duty to make sure they can physically execute the movements and not be restricted by an ill-fitting saddle. I am always surprised at the improvement after very subtle adjustments. Many thanks for helping both my horse and me! My horse was so uncomfortable and he became so rideable that we went on to get our Silver Medal. Thank You!!

Pam Wagner, Glen Ellen, CA Oct. 2013


This was a fantastic clinic. I have seen numerous saddle fitters at work over the years, but the Saddlefit 4 Life® evaluation is the most comprehensive I have ever witnessed. Jochen’s lecture was incredibly educational – he has a phenomenal eye and a super understanding of the way a horse’s body is built and how it moves. After he and Amanda Silver (Southeast SaddleFit) evaluated and fitted all the horses in the clinic, they all went so much better and looked so happy and comfortable! Thanks, Amanda and Jochen!”

Chris Hutchings Atlanta, GA


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Equine Professional

Jochen teaches professional riders in a factual manner about the importance of good saddle fit in such a manner that it is a pleasure to continue working with him.

— Carolin Schmidt, Executive Director of the “Bundesvereinigung der Berufsreiter” (Association of Professional Riders) Germany

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