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    Course Options: 1-Day Seminar Introduction to Equine Ergonomics or 5-Day Equine Ergonomist Course. Course Instructor is Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist Jochen Schleese, CMS, CSFT, CSE. To register for the Seminar or Course, please complete the following booking form along with credit card payment information (you may alternatively use the PDF payment form). You may fax the form to 001-905-898-8399 or email it to Sabine@Saddlefit4life.com. If you wish to pay by Bank Draft, please see instructions at the bottom of this page.
  • Payment Details:

    Credit card payments will be shown under 'Schleese Saddlery' (VISA or MasterCard only). Please fill out your payment information below. If you would prefer to fax your payment information, please leave the payment info below blank and fill out the linked .pdf PAYMENT FORM and fax it to us at 001-905-898-8399 to the attention of Sabine Schleese.
  • Bank Drafts:

    If you need to send a bank draft in USD, please let us know and mail it to: Sabine Schleese Saddlefit 4 Life Course - South Africa, 34 Centennial Ave., Holland Landing, ON L9N 1H2 Canada. Please note 'Early Bird' payments can only be accepted by Credit Card.

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Equine Professional

DSC_0050 Having spent years doing exercises to supposedly loosen my hips in an attempt to sit deeper in the saddle and prevent my toes from turning out while riding, I discovered when I ride in a ‘female’ saddle, I am immediately sitting deep in the saddle with my toes pointing forward – without even warming up. I wonder what unnecessary damage I’ve done to myself from years of putting torque on my joints from these exercises from a classical riding book. I wonder how many other women have unnecessarily hurt their body believing they struggle with ‘tight hips’.

— Laura Whitteron, Saddle Ergonomist, England

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