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Saddlefit 4 Life® North America

82 Derby Court,
Newmarket, Ontario,
Canada L3Y 5Z9

T  800.225.2242
F  905.989.8399

Saddlefit 4 Life® – Europa

Birkenallee 28,
50858 Köln

T  +49 221-29 89 41 69
F  +49 171-81 30 333

Jochen SchleeseCMS, CSFT, CSE

Director of Global Education and Sales

Sabine SchleeseB.Sc, MBA

Director of Corporate Affairs

Sonja Gagnon

Global Education Coordinator

800.225.2242 x 29 (EST)

Murielle Richard-PriceMMCP, CEE

Director of Education

707-490-5650 (PST)

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Equine Professional

I was an emancipated woman – or so I thought – and as such, I should be able to ride in any saddle. That was my mindset until I actually felt the difference between a saddle made for men and one made for women. Without exaggeration, this was truly an eye-opening experience. I rode so naturally without making any effort to have my legs hang straight down where they were supposed to be, and I felt the movement as one with my horse. Since then, as a trainer I often think that a saddle that is correctly fitted to my students would definitely help some of their position issues.

— Nicole Kunzel, Classical Riding Trainer, Hanover Germany

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