World-Wide Licensed Certified Saddle Ergonomists (CSEs)

S4L - CSE - Certificate of Validation - Jan 2015 - 2017 - Final Template-WITH BORDER


Below is a list of the licensed Certified Saddle Ergonomist, information about their continued professional development as well as the list of the participants who have been certified in the ongoing Equine Ergonomist courses.  To date, Saddlefit 4 Life®  has trained over 150 equine professionals worldwide; below is the list of those with qualified certifications:



World-Wide Licensed Certified Saddle Ergonomists (CSE)

Name S4L
Valid Until:
Jochen Schleese CSE 2006 2022 Global
Natalie Sauner CSE 2006 2021 North America
Denise Lenz CSE 2006 2021 North America
Matt Hirons CSE 2006 2021 United States
Luanne Reaume CSE 2006 2018 United States
Jacqueline Overdevest CSE 2009 2021 Holland
Sarah Mack CSE 2017 2019 Germany
Julia Dixon CSE 2011 2021 North America
Mariette Klemm CSE 2011 2021 Canada
Ingeborg Taffijn CSE 2011 2021 Belgium, Netherlands, England, Guersney
Amanda Silver CSE 2012 2021 United States
Terri-Anne Dougherty CSE 2012 2021 United States
Anne Myrvoll CSE 2013 2021 Norway
Katja Lange CSE 2013 2018 Germany
Kara Somerville CSE 2014 2019 United States
Immo Peltzer CSE 2014 2019 Germany
Isabell Landgraf-Kast CSE 2015 2019 Germany
Irene Polane CSE 2014 2019 Holland
Isabell Blomquist CSE 2014 2019 Finland
Mark Frantzke CSE 2015 2018 United States
Thilo Frank CSE 2015 2019 Germany
Ulrika Söderberg CSE 2015 2021 Sweden
Karen Jackson CSE 2016 2021 North America
Imke Maring CSE 2017 2021 United States (Alaska)
Anke Münch CSE 2017 2021 Germany
Jodi Lee James CSE 2018 2022 South Africa
Helene Van Staden CSE 2018 2022 South Africa
Shellea Ripley CSE 2018 2022 South Africa
Lisa-Marie Le Cok CSE 2018 2022 South Africa

Please note!

S4L - CSE - Certificate of Validation - Jan 2015 - 2017 - Final Template-WITH BORDER

You may occasionally come across people who represent themselves as Certified Equine or Saddle Ergonomists in accordance with the Saddlefit 4 Life® courses. They may use their affiliation or past training with S4L for advertising, but in fact do not follow the S4L philosophy in the products they represent. Please make sure to always check the appropriate qualifications and ask for their ID/Certification card! If a saddle fitter works on your saddle without a current and valid license, you may lose the manufacturer’s warranty.


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Equine Professional

I was an emancipated woman – or so I thought – and as such, I should be able to ride in any saddle. That was my mindset until I actually felt the difference between a saddle made for men and one made for women. Without exaggeration, this was truly an eye-opening experience. I rode so naturally without making any effort to have my legs hang straight down where they were supposed to be, and I felt the movement as one with my horse. Since then, as a trainer I often think that a saddle that is correctly fitted to my students would definitely help some of their position issues.

— Nicole Kunzel, Classical Riding Trainer, Hanover Germany

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