World-Wide Licensed Certified Equine Ergonomists (CEEs)

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CEEs are not specifically trained to do any adjustment work on the saddle or sell saddles. The CEE is trained strictly to provide the client with independent advice based on scientific research, without affiliation to a particular brand. The CEE works in conjunction with a Licensed CSE to provide horse and rider with a properly fitted saddle.   CEEs need to be recertified every 5 years.


World-Wide Licensed Certified Equine Ergonomists (CEE)

Name S4L
Valid Until:
Christiane Noelting CEE 2006 2021 United States
Miriam Boutros-Dale CEE 2006 2021 North America
Karin Kohl CEE 2011 2016 United States
Connie Frantzke CEE 2012 2021 North America
Karen Laidley, DVM CEE 2013 2018 United States
Saskia Santifaller CEE 2013 2018 Germany
Petra Halvardsson CEE 2014 2019 Germany
Celine Balcer CEE 2014 2019 France
Christopher Roux CEE 2014 2019 Germany
Monika Bach CEE 2014 2019 Germany
Dagmar Christiansen CEE 2014 2019 Germany
Linda Hegmann CEE 2014 2019 Germany
Nina Höller CEE 2014 2019 Austria
Maike Salefsky CEE 2014 2019 Germany
Ammar Saud CEE 2014 2019 Kuwait
Murielle Richard-Price CEE 2015 2021 United States
Erica Spencer-Aulie CEE 2015 2021 United States
Alexa Lindsay CEE 2015 2022  United States
Claudia Nies CEE 2015 2020 Germany
Hekie Besold CEE 2015 2020 Germany
Sabine Junk  CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Kathrin Krohn CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Stefanie Lips  CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Anke Münch  CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Claudia Nies  CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Inga Ross  CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Ulrike Rossi  CEE  2015  2021  Germany
Nadine Weiβhaar CEE  2015  2020 Germany
Susanne Wennemuth CEE  2015  2020  Germany
Sarah Ellis CEE 2016 2021 United States
Deb Hirons CEE 2016 2021 United States
Imke Maring CEE 2016 2021 United States
Karen Bates CEE 2016 2021 United States
Sarah Ellis CEE 2016 2021 United States
Michelle Lyall CEE 2016 2021 England
Louisa Cuomo CEE 2017 2022 England
Hazel Johnson CEE 2017 2022 England
Helene van Staden CEE 2017 2022 South Africa
Jodi Lee James CEE 2017 2022 South Africa
Martina van Heiden CEE 2016 2021  Germany
Dorothe Weber CEE 2016 2021 Germany
Basia Kolzewska CEE 2017 2022  Poland
Angela Arens CEE 2016 2021 Germany 
Jamin Adams CEE 2017 2022  Germany
Susanne Zink CEE 2016 2021 Germany 
Carina Schulze-Ardey CEE 2016 2021 Germany 
Gerlinde Rudolph CEE 2017 2022 Germany 
Anke Körber CEE 2017 2022 Germany 
Dorle Bockwoldt CEE 2017 2022 Germany 
Alexandra Walter-Rath CEE 2015 2022 Canada 
Britta Schulz CEE 2014 2022 Germany 
Janine Sudowe CEE 2017 2022 Germany
Shellea Ripley CEE 2018 2023 South Africa
Steffi Paardemann CEE 2018 2023 South Africa
Lisa-Marie Le Cok CEE 2018 2023 South Africa
Samantha Lowrey CEE 2018 2023 South Africa
Natalie Desaint CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Michal Dobrowolski CEE 2018 2023 Poland
Manja Gille CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Heike Grüters-Bückemeyer CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Kerstin Günther CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Martin Hammel CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Theresa Hübsch CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Sabine Huf CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Dagmar König CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Ilona Müller CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Antje Rüscher CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Janine Scheerer CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Nicky Torbet CEE 2018 2023 Scottland
Iris Werner CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Maike Wessel CEE 2018 2023 Germany
Samantha Papalimu CEE 2018 2023 United States
Tea Uzman CEE 2018 2023  United States
Doug Shumway CEE 2018 2023 United States
Lori Kaeslin
United States



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Equine Professional

Margaret Boyce

For me as a coach and judge, we absolutely do not want to see all our years of hard work and dedication go down the drain because of ill-fitting saddles on our horses. Saddlefit 4 Life®’s amazing developments, have absolutely benefitted the riders but more importantly - for the horse's long term health with immediate and visible results. Seeing is believing! I saw a close friend of mine whose horse has been misdiagnosed for years as to why he was not happy in his work. This horse had his hocks injected; he had an MRI and several other medical procedures trying to find the answer as to why this TB gelding was so resistant even in the most basic work. This horse saw saddlers, chiropractor, massage therapist - the owner felt she did everything she could for this horse and nothing seemed to help. Even the veterinary clinic found and treated the symptoms but never found the cause for this horse's pain. In the diagnostic saddle fit evaluation, Jochen discovered several major fitting issues on this horse and immediately set to work like a surgeon, fitting the horse instantly with a new saddle and the results were beyond amazing. In all the years I have known this horse - I have never seen him produce a regular three beat canter under saddle until that very day. Once all the pressure points were relieved on this extremely sensitive horse, he moved with so much freedom and regularity and offered no resistance - as a judge and coach I just started applauding and crying at the same time!

— Margaret Boyce, Equine Canada Certified Dressage Coach and Judge

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