Saddle Fit and the Heavier Rider - Revised Edition

Saddle Fit and the Heavier Rider - Revised Edition

At the risk of offending any of our readers, this is a topic which does need to be addressed again in all honesty. The issue of proper saddle fit is not by any means limited to heavier riders – all riders and all horses can and will benefit from a correctly fitted saddle! However, heavier riders bring with them a whole different set of challenges. Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot about possibly ‘arbitrary’ designations of weight – I absolutely recognize that someone who weighs 180 pounds and is sitting in a gender appropriate saddle may ride more lightly and more balanced than a 120-pound beginner rider who is sitting in a saddle that doesn’t fit her properly. Supporting documentation from an independent source: Sue Dyson et al. The Influence of Rider: Horse Bodyweight Ratio and the rider-horse-saddle fit on equine gait and behaviour: a Pilot Study. 2019 Equine Veterinary Education Https://

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“Dear Jochen:  Several years ago I read a review of your book, ordered it immediately, read it several times over & realized that here was someone that was on the same wavelength as myself. This was reemphasized over the last several days. It was a real pleasure to meet you in person, learn from you & feel inspired to continue to keep trying to improve the lot of the horse.” Dr Sue Dyson Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Specialist in Equine Orthopaedics Associate European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging Head of Clinical Orthopaedics Centre for Equine Studies Animal Health Trust Photo: Jochen with Dr. Sue Dyson at his recent clinic as guest of Caroline Lindsay of “Learn Saddle Fitting Resource: CPD MSFConnection (Perfect Movement Solutions)” in the U.K.

— Dr. Sue Dyson - MA, VetMB, PhD, DEO, FRCVS

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