One Horse's Pain is Many Horse's Gain!

One Horse's Pain is Many Horse's Gain!

Jochen Schleese has accomplished many things and acquired many titles: Certified Master Saddler, German National Riding School instructor, founder of Schleese Saddlery Service Ltd. and Saddlefit 4 Life Inc. and he’s an active member of many efforts to educate the horse owning public on the importance of good saddle fit. He has been recognized with many industry and business awards over the 25 years he has been in business, and has been profiled in the Wall Street Journal and twice on the Discovery Channel. He owes many of these accomplishments, in part, to his experiences with his horse, Pirat, with whom he qualified for the 1984 European Championships as a member of the young rider’s eventing team for Germany.

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Equine Professional

"A well fitted saddle needs to be checked 3-4 times a year for fit by a Certified Professional – a Master Saddler or a Saddle Fitter, with input from the trainer and the rider."

— Udo Lange, 7 times German Professional Dressage Champion

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