Pioneering Company Tackles the Tough Stuff

Pioneering Company Tackles the Tough Stuff

Pioneering Company Tackles the Tough Stuff - Schleese Saddlery. Crotch comfort is not a subject everybody wants to talk about. Even in our modern world, there are women who ride in pain and don’t seek help, assuming that bruising, chafing and sometimes even bleeding in their intimate area is something that simply must be endured. It drives Sabine Schleese nuts. Sabine is Managing Director of Schleese Saddlery Service, Ltd, which she runs with her husband, Certified Master Saddler and horseman Jochen Schleese and their partner, CEO Earl Rothery. The Schleeses started the Ontario, Canada-based enterprise in 1986 with the idea of being a full-service saddle company. As they gained their customers’ trust, however, they soon identified a recurring complaint from the gender that, ironically, constitutes the majority of the North American equestrian public.

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The teachings of Jochen are in accordance with the work we do in French Classical Dressage, seeking to ride in lightness and suppleness. Impressive developments really become obvious with the saddle - using proper equipment significantly shortens the time to achieve goals!

— Davi Carrano: Head Trainer, Manège Sant Adelaide, Sao Paulo, Brazil at South American Veterinary Conference

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