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October 13th, 2015

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Upcoming Saddlefit 4 Life®Training Courses

Saddlefit 4 Life® is thrilled to announce that Russell Guire (of www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk) has offered to host a two-day introductory Equine Ergonomics course featuring Certified Master Saddler Jochen Schleese this November 29-30 at his facility in Warwickshire. This will be the first part of our professional development seminars, with the potential to continue towards certification as an equine ergonomist, including a practical internship. From there applicants have the possibility to proceed by invitation to become Certified Saddle Ergonomists, which includes further training in stitching, flocking, fitting, and tree adjustments. The cost of this initial two day intro course is $397USD which includes lunch. This fee may be credited toward either of the following courses: the next level either in Florida from Jan 22-26, 2016 (with the possibility to extend to Feb 5 if mutual interest exists to continue training as a Saddle Ergonomist) or in Germany April 2-6, 2016.

Below is the course outline and curriculum for your further information. If you are interested in registering for the November course in England, please go to our website noted below and fill out the necessary information,

  • The Saddlefit4Life® Philosophy
  • Science and Technological Advances
  • Equine Anatomy as relevant for Saddle Fitting
  • Physical Changes in Horse’s back while carrying Weight
  • Body Description and Static Saddle Fit to Horse
  • Saddle Support Area & Study of Dynamic Fit
  • Effects of an Ill Fitting Saddles on the Horse
  • Human Anatomy Relevant to Saddle Fit
  • The Pliable Seat Video – A Medical Explanation of a Pliable Rider’s Seat
  • Common issues for Female Riders
  • What you can do to help prevent long term damage to both horse and rider
  • View Event Poster

Spaces are limited, so please register by November 1 online at https://saddlefit4life.com/educational-courses-application/.  Jochen Schleese will also be lecturing at the upcoming Certified Horsemanship Annual Conference in Amarillo, Texas – Oct 22-23, 2015.


Jochen Schleese graduated from Passier as a Certified Master Saddler and came to Canada in 1986 to establish and register the trade of saddlery in North America, operating the only authorized saddlery training facility in Ontario. Schleese Saddlery Service is the world leading manufacturer of saddles designed for women, specializing in the unique anatomical requirements of female riders. Schleese authorized representatives provide diagnostic saddle fit analysis and saddle fitting services across North America to maintain optimal saddle fit to horse and rider. www.saddlesforwomen.com

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If we are to turn the tide in a direction that honors the horse in and out of competition, it will be through the joint effort of a committed few like Jochen who lead the way and provide a path for others to follow. If we meet the needs of the horse, the horse will generously give back.

— Linda Hoover, US Refined Horsemanship Association

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