Saddlefit 4 Life® simultaneously holds Equine Ergonomics courses in Hanover, Germany and Charlton, NY

By Jochen Schleese|October 6th, 2015

Saddlefit 4 Life® is proud to announce that on the weekend of October 3-4, 2015, two introductory courses to equine ergonomics were held simultaneously in both Germany and North America at our local Saddlefit 4 Life® facilities. Kriemhild Morgenroth led the course in Hanover, Germany with the assistance and organizational wizardry of Angelika Schleese, while Terri-Anne Dougherty taught the classes at her facility in Charlton, NY (just outside of Albany) with the assistance of our North American Director of Education Connie Frantzke. Both courses were filled to capacity and we are looking forward to working with the participants as they continue their education to become Certified Equine Ergonomists in the next weeks and months. For further information or to register to attend a future professional development course (which is USDF endorsed for university credits in North America!)  please contact Connie Frantzke at


Terri Anne Dougherty writes:

“This past weekends S4L attendees were vibrant, smart and an innovative group of equine professionals. Enjoyed my short time with them and seeing their future successes in helping horse and rider as they go forward with the Saddlefit 4 Life® Educational courses.  Everytime this course is taught, I learn something new with our everchanging technology and advancement in medicine.  One thing that never changes, is everytime I watch those videos in the presentations, they pull on my heartstrings as to the cruel truth of the industry today and that we need to continue our mission to help these riders and horses.  I am proud to be a member of the Saddlefit 4 Life® network”. 

Saddlefit 4 Life course 1 - Charlton, NY - Oct 2015

Equine Ergonimics Course held at Terri Anne Dougherty’s facility in Charlton, NY. The gang is waiving hello to the group in Hanover, Germany!

Saddlefit 4 Life Equine Ergonomics Course held in Hanover, Germany - October 2015

Saddlefit 4 Life Equine Ergonomics Course held in Hanover, Germany – October 2015


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