How Saddle Fit Affects the Rider

By Callie King with Jochen Schleese|May 1st, 2015



Jochen Schleese is a prominent equine professional and resides in Canada, so I feel very lucky to have had the chance to meet him for an interview and share some of his knowledge and expertise with you.

In the video below, Jochen explains how saddles need to be built differently for men and women, and shows specifically how different parts of the saddle affect the rider’s position.

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Equine Professional

If we are to turn the tide in a direction that honors the horse in and out of competition, it will be through the joint effort of a committed few like Jochen who lead the way and provide a path for others to follow. If we meet the needs of the horse, the horse will generously give back.

— Linda Hoover, US Refined Horsemanship Association

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